TLK 110

Experience seamless and efficient communication with the TLK 110 WAVE PTX Radio. This revolutionary device offers instant and secure push-to-talk functionality, ensuring crystal-clear communication and wide-area coverage. With advanced features like GPS tracking, AI-backed noise suppression, and rugged durability, this radio is the ultimate solution for businesses seeking to enhance productivity and streamline operations.

Features & Functions

AI-backed noise suppression

IP67 water and dust proof

Up to 18 hours of battery life


2-Line Monochrome LED Display

Wi-Fi calling over 2.4 and 5 Ghz networks


How does the TLK 110 WAVE PTX Radio provide wide-area coverage?

The TLK 110 WAVE PTX Radio operates on the powerful WAVE PTX platform, utilizing cellular networks to provide expansive coverage beyond traditional two-way radios. This enables seamless communication over vast distances, ensuring your team stays connected wherever they are.

Can the TLK 110 WAVE PTX Radio be integrated with existing communication systems?

Absolutely! The TLK 110 WAVE PTX Radio is designed to be interoperable, allowing integration with various communication systems, including two-way radios, smartphones, and dispatch consoles. This flexibility ensures compatibility and ease of use within your existing communication infrastructure.

Is the TLK 110 WAVE PTX Radio secure?

Yes, the TLK 110 WAVE PTX Radio prioritizes security. It incorporates robust encryption protocols to protect sensitive communications from unauthorized access. Additionally, it offers secure authentication and user management features to ensure only authorized personnel can access the network.

What additional features does the TLK 110 WAVE PTX Radio offer?

In addition to push-to-talk functionality, the TLK 110 WAVE PTX Radio provides a range of advanced features. These include GPS tracking, enabling real-time location monitoring of team members, and text messaging capabilities for quick and convenient communication. The radio’s rugged design also ensures durability in challenging environments.

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