The SL260 is a slim, lightweight, mid-tier radio that can blend in smoothly to a formal attire as well as withstand rough treatment.  With this device you can smoothly communicate hands free with the accompany any Bluetooth accessory, and you can easily navigate functions and receive information with the virtual keypad and OLED display.

Features & Functions

Lone worker

Bluetooth 4.0

Integrated Wi-Fi

IP 54 Certified

2 Line OLED display

4 Button virtual keypad


Is the SL2600 water-resistant or dustproof?

The SL2600 has an IP54 rating, which means it is dust-protected and can withstand splashes of water. While it is not fully waterproof or submersible, it provides a certain level of protection against environmental elements.

Can this device communicate with other digital two-way radios that are within range?

Yes, the SL2600 is designed to be compatible with other radios operating on the same frequency and standard, allowing for interoperability within a communication system. It supports both analogue and digital modes, enabling smooth migration from analogue to digital communications.

Are there any accessories available for this device?

We offer a wide range of accessories, including batteries, chargers, antennas, speaker microphones, earpieces, and carrying cases. These accessories enhance the functionality, durability, and usability of the radio in various work environments.

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