SLR 8000

A MotoTRBO repeater base station extends the coverage footprint of your digital radio device and overcomes any signaling obstacles, ensuring reliable communication between multiple locations as well as boosting system capacity. The SLR5500 can be deployed at a raised or ground level and is extremely powerful offering extended coverage.

Features & Functions

Next-generation MOTOTRBO Repeater

High Reliability

High Performance

Total Flexibility


Can this device be used with analogue radios?

Almost all of the devices manufactured today are digital, which can communicate with analogue radios if they have an analogue mode, as this device does.

What is a radio repeater?

The MOTOTRBO SLR 8000 Repeater is a device that combines a radio receiver and a radio transmitter to amplify a two-way radio signal over longer distances.

Does this repeater work with other devices?

This device extends the range of transmitting and receiving radio waves for all devices within range.

Can I speak to someone about making a purchase?

We offer devices for purchase directly on our site or if you’d like to speak with an expert, please click here.

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