SLR 1000

MOTOTRBO repeater base stations extend your voice and data radio communication coverage whilst eliminating dead spots. You can install the SLR 1000 either indoors or outside and is IP65 rated for its dust & water protection. The compact size gives you a variety of installation choices. The low-level power and fanless design utilises less space & energy.

Features & Functions

Fanless design

Compatible with conventional and trunking systems

Increased coverage

Easily mountable


What are the mounting options?

SLR 1000’s compact design means less HVAC planning hassles and more options for deployment. Mount it on walls or poles and take advantage of additional locations for better coverage.

Can this device be used with analogue radios?

Almost all of the devices manufactured today are digital, which can communicate with analogue radios if they have an analogue mode, as this device does.

What is a radio repeater?

It is a device that combines a radio receiver and a radio transmitter to amplify a two-way radio signal over longer distances.

Does this repeater work with other devices?

This device extends the range of transmitting and receiving radio waves for all devices within range.

Can I speak to someone about making a purchase?

Absolutely, you can purchase this product directly from our site, or speak to one of our staff members here.

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