The MOTOTRBO DP2600e Digital Two Way Radio is ideal for workers who require easy, practical and efficient communications. Along with safety features, the device offers clear audio over various channels. Programmable buttons and over the air programming makes the two-way radio versatile in an number of environments.

Features & Functions

Over the air programming
Encrypted audio
Up to 28 hours battery life
Lone worker
IP67 rating


Why chose a keypad radio?

With a built-in keypad radio, you’ll have quick and direct access to channels, automated text messaging, and menu navigation, empowering you with seamless control and efficient communication.

What's the benefit of having encrypted audio on a two-way radio?

Using radio encryption on a two-way radio provides enhanced security and privacy by encoding the transmitted voice or data, making it difficult for unauthorized listeners to intercept and understand the communication. It helps protect sensitive information, maintain confidentiality, and prevent unauthorized access to critical communications, especially in industries that require secure and confidential communication.

Is the DP2600e water-resistant or dustproof?

Yes, an IP67 rating means that the radio is fully protected against dust ingress and can be submerged in water up to a depth of 1 meter for a limited time without sustaining damage. This level of water resistance ensures the radio’s functionality and durability even in wet or challenging conditions.

What accessories are available for this device?

We offer a wide range of accessories, including batteries, chargers, antennas, speaker microphones, earpieces, and carrying cases. These accessories enhance the functionality, durability, and usability of the radio in various work environments.

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