TLK 100

Motorola Solutions TLK100 two-way radio provides crisp, clear audio, location tracking, and Wi-Fi to keep employees connected and accountable. Utilize the WAVE PTX Motorola push-to-talk radio with your current (compatible) Motorola two-way radio system and smartphones to create unity across your workforce. No OFCOM spectrum licensing applications, manual programming, or time-consuming work is required.

Features & Functions

Easy To Use And Manage
Communicate across platforms
SL1600 accessory-compatible
Long battery life
Europe-wide push-to-talk
Radio integration capabilities
Location tracking

Bluetooth 4.2


How does the TLK 100 differ from traditional two-way radios?

Unlike traditional two-way radios that rely on radio frequencies and limited coverage, the TLK 100 operates on cellular networks, providing broader coverage and the ability to communicate over greater distances.

Is this device water-resistant or dustproof?

The TLK 100 has an IP54 rating, which means it is dust-protected and can withstand splashes of water. While it is not fully waterproof or submersible, it provides a certain level of protection against environmental elements.

Can I use this device abroad?

If you are using a licensed radio in a country other than in Europe, you need to hire a license there first. You should leave yourself at least 3 months before you go abroad to arrange for this. License fees differ from country to country.

Can I communicate with individuals and groups using the TLK 100?

Yes, the TLK 100 supports both one-to-one communication and group communication. Users can have private conversations or create groups for efficient team communication.

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