This smartphone is built for utmost performance and reliability in critical situations. The Motorola LEX11 LTE Handheld device has advanced encryption technology, a pre-installed VPN and a fingerprint reader to ensure the device is secured. Practicality meets elegance in the device’s design, with an IP67 rating a MIL STD spec for drops this android device can be taken anywhere. The 5 inch Gorilla Glass display makes it a joy to use, especially when paired with an accessible user interface. Audio input and output is best in class.

Features & Functions

Dual cameras
Google play services
Memory card slot
Dual SIM card support
Advanced end to end encryption
Numerous LTE bands


Does the Motorola LEX L11 support PTT (Push-to-Talk)?

Yes, the LEX L11 supports PTT functionality. It enables instant and secure communication between team members, allowing them to connect quickly and efficiently.

Why use a PoC radio?

A PoC (Push-to-Talk over Cellular) radio is a communication device that utilizes cellular networks for instant voice communication. It offers wide coverage, simplifies group communication, and is cost-effective compared to traditional radio systems. PoC radios are easy to use, integrate with other technologies, and provide features like text messaging and location tracking.

What are my options for repairing this two-way radio?
Despite the fact that the battery can be removed and replaced for this device, you are generally encouraged to seek professional help rather than tamper with it to avoid further damage.
What is the battery life of the Motorola LEX L11?

The battery life of the LEX L11 lasts up to 20 hours, yet, this can vary depending on usage and settings. However, it is designed to provide extended battery life to accommodate long shifts and continuous operation in the field.

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