IP730D/ IP740D

The IP730D series from Icom is a novel hybrid radio that can operate locally in conventional VHF/UHF professional radio mode (IDAS digital/Analogue radio modes) and can give statewide coverage over LTE networks. A variety of solutions and applications are made available for a variety of industries, from event and facility management to massive utility infrastructure projects, thanks to the versatility of having two technologies (LTE & IDAS Digital PMR) combined into one. A typical VHF/UHF radio mode employing authorised professional radio channels is the IDAS digital mode. It offers PTT operation for Individual, Group, and All calls. For situations like working in isolated, hilly places without 4G/3G networks, this offers a reliable, nearby option.

Features & Functions

1500 mW speaker
Bluetooth 4.0
Increased device compatibility
IP 67 waterproof rating
Emergency/Lone worker Functions
128 Channels


Is it possible to replace the device's battery?
Batteries can be replaced, but extra batteries need to be purchased separately. It is advisable that before doing any repairs on the device you speak to an expert first.
Can this device communicate with other digital two-way radios that are within range?
The IP730D/ IP740D can communicate with other digital two-way radios on the same channel frequency or over LTE networks.
What are my options for repairing this two-way radio?
Despite the fact that the battery can be removed and replaced for this device, you are generally encouraged to seek professional help rather than tamper with it to avoid further damage.
I am ready to make a purchase, can I speak to someone?
You can purchase a device directly from our site, or if you’d prefer to speak to one of our communications experts you can do so here.

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