The IP503H is a compact, lightweight LTE/PoC radio device that provides unrestricted worldwide 4G/LTE network coverage. The IP503H is best for transmitting over both short and long distances, as well as in places where conventional radio is impractical or too expensive. The IP503H has access to the three major networks in the UK thanks to the Icom special SIM card. Consequently, you will always be in contact with the strongest signal available to you, wherever you may be. The SIM card comes with free roaming across all of Europe by default.

Features & Functions

Bluetooth 4.0
Crisp, clean audio
Built in voice scrambler
Lone worker, emergency button and man-down functions
IP67 rating
Voice Scrambler


What accessories are available for this device?

We offer a wide range of accessories, including batteries, chargers, antennas, speaker microphones, earpieces, and carrying cases. These accessories enhance the functionality, durability, and usability of the radio in various work environments.

Why use a PoC radio?

A PoC (Push-to-Talk over Cellular) radio is a communication device that utilizes cellular networks for instant voice communication. It offers wide coverage, simplifies group communication, and is cost-effective compared to traditional radio systems. PoC radios are easy to use, integrate with other technologies, and provide features like text messaging and location tracking.

How long does the battery last on average?

The battery life of the IP503H can last you up to 12 hours, however, this can vary depending on factors such as transmit power settings, usage patterns, and battery capacity.

What are the channel frequencies I can use?

The IP503H can use 3g/4g/LTE networks to communicate across Britain and does not use radio frequencies to communicate.

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