Icom’s first waterproof handportable for the private mobile radio market is the IC-F51/F61 series. The IC-F51/F61 offers new resilience in demanding working settings and complies with the same waterproofing specifications as many Icom maritime VHF handhelds. This makes it perfect for anyone who needs to communicate both indoors and outside. The IC-F51/F61 has a compact body that is small enough to put in a shirt pocket and is completely waterproof. It weighs less than the majority of professional radios on the market and is more robust and shockproof. This radio’s waterproof design makes it highly corrosion resistant and dust proof, making it perfect for a range of challenging applications including construction, the events industry, etc.

Features & Functions

JIS Grade 7 Waterproof Protection

Channel signal booster

Portable Design

7 Programmable Buttons

Fast charging

Voice Scrambler


I am ready to make a purchase, can I speak to someone?

You can purchase a device directly from our site, or if you’d prefer to speak to one of our communications experts you can do so here.

How many channels does this device cover?

A broad frequency range is covered by the IC-F51/F61 in a single version. You are able to divide and store a variety of channels thanks to the enormous capacity of 128 memory channels with 8 memory banks.

How large is the device?

The IC-F51/F61 comes in at 56(W)×97(H)×36.4(D) mm making it a very compact body.

Is this device covered by a warranty?

From the date of purchase, this two-way radio is covered by a two-year warranty.

Can this device be used with analogue radios?

The vast majority of devices manufactured today are digital, roughly 95%, and can communicate with analogue radios provided they have an analogue mode, which is what this device has.

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