IC-F52D/F62D Series

Elevate your team’s communication with Icom’s IC-F52D/F62D Series of Radio. This professional-grade device combines exceptional audio clarity, advanced features like emergency alerts, GPS tracking, and rugged durability for reliable performance in any industry. With support for both digital and analog communication, this versatile radio ensures seamless integration with existing systems and empowers your team to work efficiently and safely.

Features & Functions

14 Character dot-matrix display

Analog and Digital mode

IP 67 water and dust proof



Does the IC-F52D/F62D Radio support encryption for secure communication?

Yes, the IC-F52D/F62D Radio offers advanced security features, including built-in encryption. This ensures that your communications remain private and protected from unauthorized access. The radio supports multiple encryption algorithms, providing a secure channel for sensitive information exchange.

What is the battery life of the IC-F52D/F62D Radio?

The IC-F52D/F62D Radio offers impressive battery life to keep you connected throughout your workday. With a standard battery, it can provide approximately 14 hours of operation, ensuring reliable communication for extended periods without the need for frequent recharging.

Does the IC-F52D/F62D Radio have built-in GPS capability?

Yes, the IC-F52D/F62D Radio is equipped with built-in GPS functionality. This allows for accurate location tracking, enabling you to monitor and manage your team’s movements in real-time. GPS data can be shared with a dispatcher or used for navigation purposes.

Can the IC-F52D/F62D Radio withstand rugged environments?

Absolutely! The IC-F52D/F62D Radio is built to withstand tough conditions. It meets stringent MIL-STD-810G specifications, ensuring durability against drops, shocks, vibrations, and other environmental factors. Its rugged design makes it ideal for use in industries such as public safety, construction, and utilities.

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