IC-F52D/F62D Analogue Series

The IC-F52D/F62D series radios operate using traditional analogue FM (Frequency Modulation) communication. This means they can communicate with other analogue radios, offering reliable voice communication with decent audio quality. They have multiple channels available for selection, simple operation with basic features.

Features & Functions

800 mW speaker

14 dot-matrix character display

IP 67 water and dust

Lone worker Functions


Can the IC-F52D/F62D Radio withstand rugged environments?

Absolutely! The IC-F52D/F62D Radio is built to withstand tough conditions. It meets stringent MIL-STD-810G specifications, ensuring durability against drops, shocks, vibrations, and other environmental factors. Its rugged design makes it ideal for use in industries such as public safety, construction, and utilities.

Does the IC-F52D/F62D Radio have built-in GPS capability?

Yes, the IC-F52D/F62D Radio is equipped with built-in GPS functionality. This allows for accurate location tracking, enabling you to monitor and manage your team’s movements in real-time. GPS data can be shared with a dispatcher or used for navigation purposes.

Why choose a keypad radio?

With a built-in keypad radio, you’ll have quick and direct access to channels, automated text messaging, and menu navigation, empowering you with seamless control and efficient communication.

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