IC-F3400D/F4400D Analogue Series

Features & Functions

LCD colour display

Portable design

Bluetooth 5.0

In-house GPS receiver

IP68 water-proof rating

Digital Trunking


Is the IC-F3400D/F4400D Analogue Series compatible with other radios or communication systems?

The IC-F3400D/F4400D Analogue Series is compatible with only other analogue radios, allowing for smooth integration and interoperability with existing analogue communication systems.

What is the coverage range of the IC-F3400D/F4400D Analogue Series

The coverage range of the IC-F3400D/F4400D Analogue Series can vary depending on factors such as terrain, obstructions, and transmit power.

What are my options for repairing this two-way radio?

Despite the fact that the battery can be removed and replaced for this device, you are generally encouraged to seek professional help rather than tamper with it to avoid further damage.

Does the IC-F3400D/F4400D Analogue Series offer lone worker or man down features?

Yes, the IC-F3400D/F4400D Analogue Series includes lone worker and man down functions to enhance worker safety. These features can trigger alarms or notifications when a user is inactive for a specified period or when a man-down condition is detected.

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