The Hytera PDC760 is a multi-mode advanced radio based on DMR and LTE technology that can deliver voice and data services over broadband networks. In critical situations, this feature-rich handset provides unified communication with multiple connectivity options.

Features & Functions

Clear voice quality

Both narrowband and broadband convergence

Over the air programming

Advanced encryption

Rapid charging

Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities


What (types of) devices can the bluetooth be paired with?

Any device that is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0

Is there a difference between hand portables and mobiles?

Hand portables are mostly known as ‘walkie-talkies’ and as the name suggests are much better for being taken out on the go as opposed to mobile desktop radios. These are most often the type of radio you might expect to find inside a taxi or police car.

Is this device covered by a warranty?

From the date of purchase, the Hytera PDC760 Multi-Mode DMR LTE Radio is covered by a two-year warranty.

Can I still use the device whilst it is updating?

You will need to leave the device for a few minutes before using it while it is updating, so it is advisable you make sure the device is up to date before using it.

Do you have any questions about making a purchase?

You can choose to make your purchase directly on our site or speak with one of our experts by clicking here.

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