BP5 Series

The Hytera BP5 Series of radios supports both digital and analogue modes and is backwards compatible with existing digital and analogue systems and terminals. Powerful digital features such as priority interrupt, basic encryption, text messaging, and roaming can improve the quality of your business services. The BP5 series of radios has a class-leading range and crystal clear audio, allowing for more flexible group communication.  This series comes in a non-keypad version (the BP515) and a keypad version (the BP565).

Features & Functions

3W speaker

Bluetooth 5.0

10W rapid-rate charger

Up to 22 hours of battery life

Digital and analogue modes

Optional 1.77 inch colour display


What are my options for repairing this two-way radio?

Despite the fact that the Hytera BP565’s battery can be removed and replaced for this device, you are generally encouraged to seek professional help rather than tamper with it to avoid further damage.

What frequencies does the Hytera BP5 Series support?

The frequency range supported by the BP5 Series can vary depending on the specific model and configuration. It is available in different frequency bands, such as VHF (136-174 MHz) and UHF (400-470 MHz), to accommodate various operational needs.

Is the Hytera BP5 Series water-resistant or dustproof?

The Hytera BP5 Series has an IP54 rating, which means it is dust-protected and can withstand splashes of water. While it is not fully waterproof or submersible, it provides a certain level of protection against environmental elements.

Why chose a keypad radio?

With a built-in keypad radio, you’ll have quick and direct access to channels, automated text messaging, and menu navigation, empowering you with seamless control and efficient communication.

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