Hytera’s new BD615 two-way radios offer professional communication and easy-to-use efficiency like its predecessors, the TC-610 series. Exceptional product performance is ensured by the robust and reliable body. The improved microphone can cope with multiple environments, such as noisy outdoor environments and crowded places.

Features & Functions

810G Military Standards
New Microphone correcting technology
Digital and analogue modes
IP66 Waterproofing
16 hour battery life


What frequencies does the Hytera BD615 support?

The frequency range supported by the Hytera BD615 can vary depending on the specific model and configuration. It is available in different frequency bands, such as VHF (136-174 MHz) and UHF (400-470 MHz), to accommodate various operational needs.

Does the Hytera BD615 support encryption for secure communication?

Yes, the Hytera BD615 supports advanced encryption features, such as AES encryption, for secure communication. Encryption ensures that your conversations remain confidential and protected from unauthorized listeners.

What accessories are available for the Hytera BD615?

We offer a wide range of accessories for the BD615, including batteries, chargers, antennas, speaker microphones, earpieces, and carrying cases. These accessories enhance the functionality, durability, and usability of the radio in various work environments.

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