AP5 Series

The compact and light AP5 series can produce powerful and clear audio, allowing you to hear and be heard in background noise, thanks to its 3W speaker. In its most basic version, it offers an incredible 12-hour battery life. The radio can be charged with a power bank anywhere thanks to the Type-C USB charging port. The AP5 series will keep you connected and productive thanks to its longer range and a slew of productivity and efficiency-boosting features.

Features & Functions

Active noise cancelation

Optional full-keypad with 1.4 Inch Display

Up to 17 hours of battery life

USB-C Charging


Optional Bluetooth 5.0


Why chose a keypad radio?

With a built-in keypad radio, you’ll have quick and direct access to channels, automated text messaging, and menu navigation, empowering you with seamless control and efficient communication.

Can I use this device abroad?

If you are using a licensed radio in a country other than in Europe, you need to hire a license there first. You should leave yourself at least 3 months before you go abroad to arrange for this. License fees differ from country to country.

How Protected is the AP5 series from water and dust?

The standard version of these radios are IP55 rated, which provides moderate protection against dust and water but not for submersion.  However, there is an optional IP67 rated version which ensures the radio’s durability and resilience in harsh conditions, making it suitable for use in demanding environments where dust and water exposure are common.

Why use an Analogue radio?

The benefits of using an analogue radio include simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and strong battery life. Analog radios are generally easier to operate and require less technical knowledge compared to their digital counterparts. They are also typically more affordable, making them accessible to a wide range of users. Additionally, analogue radios can communicate with older analogue radio systems, enabling seamless integration and compatibility with existing infrastructure.

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