The Hytera GC550 mini body camera stands out as a powerful and compact solution for capturing high-quality 2K HD wide-angled videos, audio, and images securely. Weighing in at a mere 115g, it is the lightest among Hytera’s body camera line-up.  Designed for law enforcement and workplace applications, this body camera promotes transparency with its slide-to-record switch, motion and impact detection, internal battery backup, and infrared night vision. The camera’s starlight night vision technology enhances its capabilities, enabling the capture of ultra-sharp, colourful images even in extremely low-light conditions. With a super-wide 150° field of view, the GC550 serves as an ideal body camera, delivering clear and detailed evidence from the field to the courtroom while prioritizing simplicity and security in its design.

Features & Functions

2K resolution

Infrared camera

360 swivel clip


Recording Slider

115g weight

9 hour battery life at 720p resolution

USB-C charging and data transfer

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