Hytera’s AP515LF brings instant communication with powerful and clear audio.  License free analogue radios are a great choice for teams that require simple, split second communication within a small workspace.

Features & Functions

3W speaker

25 hours of battery life

Type-C USB charge plug

Weighs 200g


What extreme conditions can I use this device in?

The Hytera AP515LF offers protection against flames and water, making it ideal for harsh environments.

Why use a license free radio?

License-free radios are typically cost-effective, as they eliminate the need for obtaining and maintaining a radio license. They also offer ease of use, making them accessible for casual or short-range communication needs in settings like small businesses, recreational activities, or personal use.

Is the AP515LF suitable for business use?

Yes, the AP515LF is designed for business and professional use. It offers reliable communication, durability, and ease of operation, making it well-suited for various industries and organizations.

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