Office Radio London

office radio london

London is one of the most densely populated cities in Europe, with over 10 million inhabitants. As the capital of England, London is the home of thousands of businesses. Most of these businesses operate from within office blocks which are tightly packed together. One of the issues which this creates is that phone signal may not be optimal, or lost completely, as a result. Many businesses are overcoming this is by incorporating radio hire into their everyday communication processes.

Aside from this, our radios have a range of different features and benefits to offices, while being particularly beneficial in security and communication.

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Why Wall to Wall Communications

Wall to Wall Communications has a strong and thorough history of supplying offices with radio hire and other communication solutions to offices throughout London, across a diverse range of different industries. We are a customer centric operation which puts our clients first by ensuring that we deliver the best possible products and services.

We have over 40 years of experience in radio and take pride in our highly trained on-call specialists who aim to provide incredible training experiences, as well as fixing any issues efficiently and effectively in the unlikely chance that they do occur. We believe that radio hire should be a simple and easy practice and as such offer a free seven-day trial which will allow you to discover how radio hire can change your office communication without the pressure of purchase.

Businesses in London can also profit from our next day delivery service.

Radio Features which May Benefit Offices

office radio london

The main reason which people tend to hire radios is for the traditional feature of transmitting live voice messages. Radios have developed a lot since this was their only function and now have a vast number of different features which our clients use on a regular basis to further benefit from their radios.

Our two-way radios work on digital and analogue channels. This is useful as it enables users to simply switch the channel which they are using if one is not working optimally. It is also useful as it enables businesses to separate the channels which different teams or team members use to ensure that users only receive messages which are relevant to them.

Features such as location tracking can be greatly advantageous when radios are lost or for security. If the user of a radio is lost or goes missing this function allows you to track where their radio is, giving a strong indication of where its user may be. This can be a particularly helpful when the user is in danger and is unable to transmit messages themselves.

When danger does occur and someone is hurt, the man down function can be the difference between calming a situation and it needlessly escalating. This function is often prioritised by the security sections of a business and allows them to tell other team members when they are hurt or in danger, allowing for faster and more effective response. This would be beneficial in an office situation as it would indicate that colleagues should leave the area as quickly as possible and call for assistance.

A feature which is most commonly used by our clients in offices is the ability to voice record with digital clarity. This can be used by any member of the company and can be fantastically beneficial during meetings or to remember a key idea. Good ideas only last in the human brain for three minutes before they are lost forever so this feature allows you to revisit them later when you need them.

Other features which our radios include (subject to availability) include voice encryption and text messaging, which can be used in different scenarios for different functions. Alongside radios we also supply other accessories such as earpieces which allow for convenient and discrete communication.



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