Two way radios have been in circulation and benefiting organisations for over 100 years. To this day, two way radios are still benefiting organisations from all industries from both the public and private sector in a number of ways. With their robust design, easy to use functions and useful features, there are many advantages to using two way radios. We’ve listed some of the benefits below:

  • Instantaneous communication

Two way radios allow you to communicate with other members of your team instantaneously and without delay. These fast working devices allow you to similarly make fast and effective decisions, particularly useful when communicating during an emergency situation. Each radio design is unique, but commonly there is a large PTT (push to talk) button on one side. This allows the radio users to communicate at a single touch. If your staff are required to wear PPE kit, small and fiddly buttons can be tricky to navigate. With two way radios, regardless of the equipment being worn, communication is fast and easy.

hospital radio

  • Robust two way radios

Two way radios are built with a robust casing to keep up with you and your team. Two way radios are rigorously tested to ensure that they can withstand water, dust, heat, drops and shock. This allows your team to function in even the toughest environments, knowing their communication technology will still keep them connected.

For particularly hazardous environments, there are also ATEX radios which stand for ATmosphere EXplosibles. These radios are specifically designed to be used in environments where explosive and flammable substances are present. These radios are particularly robust to ensure no spark is produced and the highest safety standards are met. You can read our blog ‘What Are ATEX Radios and do I Need Them’ here to find out more. 

atex radios

  • Protection and security

Two way radios can significantly increase the safety of both your staff and visitors. In addition to opening a line of reliable communication, two way radios can also come with additional safety features which include the Lone Worker function and Man Down function. The Lone Worker function sends out automated alarms at regular intervals, and if a worker does not respond within a certain time frame an alarm is activated to signal for assistance. The Man Down function on two way radios, on the other hand, monitors for irregular movements such as vigorous movement or no movement at all. 

To learn more about how the Lone Work and Man Down functions can benefit your organisation you can read our blog post ‘Lone Worker and Man Down Function: How Can They Help You’.

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  • Reliable battery

Two way radios have reliable intelligent battery technology that ensures your radios will last your full shift. Without having to recharge your radio batteries throughout the day, your communication between team members will be constant and uninterrupted.

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  • Resilient signal

Where mobile signal fails, radio signal prevails. In built up areas or at busy events such as festivals and concerts, the mobile network can become overwhelmed and signal lost. This presents problems if you are working in such conditions and you need to communicate. However, two way radio signals will remain operational during these busy events, in emergencies and at major incidents.


  • Secure communication

Two way radio communications can be encrypted end to end, providing your team with a secure line of communication. The quality of voice and data transmissions will remain high, with clear audio messages whilst still protecting the content of your messages.

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  • Collaborative environment

Members of your team can remain connected even when they are separated by rooms, floors or even site locations (learn about Multi-site Connectivity here). Two way radios can even be connected to tablets, mobile phones, PC’s and alarm systems for complete visibility. This open communication builds the perfect foundation for collaboration and teamwork.

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