Two Way Radio Hire at County Shows – The Essential Guide Business

County shows have grown in popularity since the 1960s, when agricultural societies started to buy and create permanent shows grounds. Now people from all across the country can discover rural Britain in the summer sun. With County Shows attracting more and more people each year, with funfairs, show jumpers and military displays, how do you make sure your show is a success and runs smoothly? Here we are giving you the essential guide to Two Way Radio Hire at County Shows, to ensure everyone has a joyous and memorable time.

Why Two-Way Radio hire for County Shows.

With the growing popularity of County shows and people arriving in their 1000s, it is vital that the event runs and smoothly as possible so both visitors and staff can have a memorable, safe and enjoyable day.

Two Way Radios offer seamless and constant communication between staff, whether that be with medical, security or managers. They are essentially walkie-talkies that are easy to use with a push of a button and provide a multitude of channels, allowing simple and effective communications. Each area of staff situated at the event can have their own channel, to minimise confusion and allow structure.

At Wall to Wall Radio Communications, we can offer you short- or long-term hire of two-way radio equipment. This includes, base stations, repeaters and all of the two-way radio accessories. These are ideal for county shows as we can tailor your hire to be wireless and provide a number of devices for staff situated at the event, no matter how large or small. If a cost effective and safe solution is what you require, then we’ll provide you with 40 years of experience including providing for shows as large as the commonwealth games and make sure you only pay for what you need.

To get your two-way radio solution simply get in touch with us, we can tailor the hire packages to your needs making sure you get the best solution at the best value.

Security and Safety.

Being able to communicate with all members of staff on site is vital, especially in situations that require immediate attention. Two-way Radios can be given to all members of staff as way of ensuring safety and security at county shows. With a range of animals, machinery and a high saturation of people, it is important that everybody feels safe; safeguarding is the number priority. Two-way radios, can allow easy and direct communication about the updated information going on at a County Show event and therefore, event managers are able to monitor situations and quickly and efficiently handle and issues that may arise during this time. Keeping informed on all aspects of the event, ensures safety at the event.

Following on from this, in the event of an emergency, two-way radios ensure the quick organisation of staff members to be allocated in specific areas and this will make sure that everyone attending the event remains calm, alert and safe.

Should you be unsure as to what security measures you need for your county show, please take a moment to complete and return the form following the link on this page: From here, we can guarantee the appropriate and best two-way radio equipment you need.
two way radio hire county shows
two way radio hire county shows
two way radio hire county shows

Planning is key.

When organising an event such as a county show, where you’ll be dealing with not just people, but machinery and livestock, it is essential that communications be the first thing you organise. Be mindful of the ordering process and that you have the right equipment. Consider the amount the staff; who needs a two-way radio, who is going to be on what channel- be sure to form a communications plan which is easy to follow. Consider the size the of location, the itinerary and a map of where things are situated at the show to ensure ease on the day of the show.

Need a two way radio hire solution fast?

In regard to dispatch and delivery, here at Wall to Wall communications, we can get your two-way radio equipment hire in transit and to your location within 24 hours. All items are insured whilst in transit and if urgent, we can offer a timed delivery service. Simply and easy.

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