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Body-worn cameras were introduced in 2005, intended to be worn by law enforcement to keep recorded footage of interactions with the public. The idea came around when situations with certain members of the public became aggressive, making it easier to keep track of behaviours of the public and the police in high-pressure situations.

Benefits of body-worn cameras include:

  • The reduction of false accusations
  • Video and voice recordings can be used for training and monitoring purposes
  • Recordings provide admissible evidence in courts
  • Deterrence of unlawful actions
  • Increase levels of accountability

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Who Can Use Body Cameras?

Security, Emergency Services and, more predominantly, the Police, are all industries that greatly benefit from the use of body cameras – or otherwise known as Body-Worn cameras (BWC). There are no specific laws surrounding the use of body-worn cameras and who can use them, a code of practice has been put into place by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner and the Information Commissioner that anyone who wishes to use or wear on should refer to before doing so. 

Body CameraBody-worn cameras, although mainly used by people in the public sector, can be worn by anyone. Able to record video and audio, body cameras have seen a rise in popularity since their mid-2000s introduction. 

Police body cameras benefit the force by increasing public confidence in local and national policing, resulting in a reduced number of complaints and allegations made against police officers. The use of body-worn cameras has minimised the threat of physical and verbal attacks against security teams, as people know they are being recorded with good video and audio quality. This ultimately increases the safety and security of employees as well as other members of the public. 

Body-worn cameras are now available at Wall to Wall Communications. 

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