At Wall to Wall we have over 40 years experience, but we are always seeking to be on the front-line of cutting edge communication technology. With the rise in popularity of body-worn cameras (BWC), we are launching a collection of body cameras (BC) for you this 2020! 

For many years body cameras were mainly used by blue light workers such as the police, ambulance workers and firefighters to enforce the law and for safety. However, in recent years body-worn cameras are beginning to be used by other industries such as retail. The increase of theft in retail has led to retail business owners turning to body-worn cameras as a means of increasing surveillance, security and collection of admissible evidence. Through the reduction of theft, retail business owners can save money through the prevention of product loss. BWC’s are an investment in your business that can save money in the long run.

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What are body worn cameras?

A body-worn camera is a relatively small audio and video recording device that is typically attached to the hat or chest of the wearer. However, they can also be attached to the lapel of a uniform or glasses. Body cameras can either be left running or include a ‘push to record’ button to begin recording when an incident is suspected of taking place. This makes them super versatile and extremely applicable to retail business owners. 

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Body worn cameras vs CCTV cameras

In retail, with the frequency of theft increasing it is common for retail businesses owners to install CCTV surveillance. CCTV is a stationary video recording device that is typically installed high up in the corners of the premises. However, the drawbacks of CCTV is that cameras are stationary which includes blind spots which means not all incidences will be recorded. In addition to this, CCTV doesn’t record audio, simply body language. For this reason BC’s can be combined with CCTV surveillance to provide increased security, surveillance and evidence. 

Benefits of body-worn cameras in retail

  • BC’s vary in cost and features so you can find the perfect one to fit your business.
  • BC’s capture audio as well as video which captures a more thorough account of events.
  • Recordings can provide admissible evidence of suspects/victims/interactions which is more reliable and shortens court proceedings.
  • The footage recorded can be stored, re-watched and shared.
  • Their presence alone acts as a deterrence to theft and retail violence in stores.
  • The recordings made can be reviewed for monitoring and training purposes. 

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