Two-way radios are an important tool used in the security, construction, leisure and hospitality industries to just name a few. They play a key role in keeping the public safe, but also the user as well. Wall to Wall Communications has been in the industry for 40 years, so we know a thing or two about what businesses need from their two-way radios. We supply a range of analogue and digital two-way radios that suit a range of radio requirements for your business. The most common question that we see is how can I boost my two-way radio signal? This is an interesting question and there are many ways you can do this. In this article, we will give you our 5 tips for extending your two-way radio signal. 


Install A Repeater On Your Site System


People work in all different environments which can pose a challenge to your two-way radio signal. Although radio signals can bend around buildings and travel great distances, the more work your radio signal has to do the weaker the signal will be. This can cause conversations to drop out or for people to be unavailable to talk. This can be a risk if you are out in the field. To combat the dropping out of signal, in some circumstances Wall to Wall Communications may recommend that you install a repeater into your two-way radio communication system. What a repeater essentially does is increases the power of your radio signal, enabling your business to always keep in contact with staff, in more challenging environments. This is a common solution for boosting your business’s radio signal.

Antenna To Boost Radio Signal

The size and design of an antenna does affect the range of your two-way radio signal. If your two-way radio communication system is currently experiencing issues with the signal dropping out, it might be best to invest in a new antenna. A better Antenna can help your business to reach areas that traditionally have poor signal and it will allow you to better keep in contact with your employees.

Regularly Change The Battery Of Your Two Way Radio

This might be obvious but it’s surprising how people have issues with their radio signal due to a dying battery. Typically, a battery that is in constant use should be changed every 24-30 months. This will prevent poor coverage, conversations being cut short mid-transmission and unclear communication. So if you use a full and healthy battery, your business will benefit from improved signal and better output from your two-way radios.

What Is A Leaky Feeder?

This is a great way to extend your radio signal to people working in tunnel environments or complicated buildings with thick or shielded interior walls. A leaky feeder is designed to be used by people who work underground, in tunnels or shafts. It is a cable that is used to leak radio signals to areas that may be difficult to penetrate with a strong two-way signal.

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