The Hytera VM750 is a multi-functioning body camera that’s built to constantly capture, store and upload evidence.  This device holds remarkable features, such as, Bluetooth, SOS button, built in touch screen display and 160° field-of-view camera.

Features & Functions

160° FOV Camera

IP68 water and dust proof

AI-driven facial recognition

Over 9 hors of battery life with 720P at 30FPS

2.8 inch touch screen

Intelligent scene detection

3W speaker


What is Intelligent Scene Detection?

Intelligent Scene Detection utilizes advanced algorithms and AI to automatically identify and categorize different scenarios or events during video recording. It enhances camera functionality by adjusting settings or triggering actions based on detected scenes, such as activating night vision in low-light environments or prioritizing recording during sudden movements. This feature improves the efficiency and effectiveness of body-worn cameras in capturing crucial moments without constant manual intervention.

Is this device compatible with other digital two-way radios?

The VM750D can work as a remote speaker and microphone when linked to a radio through Bluetooth or a data cable.

Does the Hytera VM750D have built-in storage?

Yes, the VM750D body camera has built-in storage capacity. It includes internal storage that can range from 32GB to 128GB, allowing for ample storage of recorded video and audio files. The specific storage capacity may vary depending on the model or configuration.

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