Hytera’s DP795IS holds the highest “ai” ratting, making it ideal for hazardous environments where explosive mixed gases, combustible dust or coal mine methane are present.  With its intrinsically-safe design and secure, reliable communication this radio can work effectively amongst a team whilst keeping its users protected.


Features & Functions

Priority interrupt feature, take priority on a line if needed


Emergency mode, raise an alarm


“ai” protection

Quick text messages

Lone worker mode

Can be activated/deactivated remotely


What is an intrinsically safe radio?

An intrinsically safe radio is a type of communication device designed to be used in potentially hazardous environments, such as oil refineries, chemical plants, or mining operations. These radios are built to prevent the ignition of flammable gases or dust particles, minimizing the risk of explosions or fires.

What type of hazardous environments is the PD795IS suitable for?

The PD795IS is suitable for use in various hazardous environments, including oil refineries, chemical plants, mining operations, and other locations where potentially explosive atmospheres exist.

Are there accessories for this product?

We offer a wide range of accessories, including batteries, chargers, antennas, speaker microphones, earpieces, and carrying cases. These accessories enhance the functionality, durability, and usability of the radio in various work environments.

What is the lone worker function?

The Lone Worker function on a radio is a safety feature that monitors the activity of individuals working alone in hazardous environments. If the user doesn’t respond within a specified time, an alarm is triggered to alert for potential issues or emergencies. It enhances worker safety by ensuring timely assistance and improving response in critical situations.

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