Hytera RD985 and RD985S Digital Repeater

DMR repeaters, such as Hytera RD985 and RD985S, are the driving force behind analogue and digital radio networks. They were developed based on the open ETSI DMR standard and stand out for their reliability and functionality.

Features & Functions

TDMA technology

Multiple installation options

Rugged design

Advanced encryption


How does a radio repeater work?

Radio repeaters combine a radio transmitter and a receiver to amplify a two-way radio signal over longer distances.

Is this repeater compatible with other devices?

The Hytera RD985 and RD985S Digital Repeater extends the radio wave range for all devices within its range when transmitting or receiving.

Can I replace the battery?

This battery is replaceable although extra batteries have to be purchased separately.

Can this device be used with analogue radios?

Almost all of the devices manufactured today are digital, which can communicate with analogue radios if they have an analogue mode, as this device does.

I am ready to make a purchase, can I speak to someone?

You can purchase a device directly from our site, or if you’d prefer to speak to one of our communications experts you can do so here.

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