A smart PoC terminal that integrates Smartphone and Push-to-Talk functionality over cellular networks The PNC550 from Hytera is a smart PoC terminal that incorporates smartphone and professional Push-to-Talk functionality over cellular networks. As a result, this product meets the basic requirements of voice intercom for industry users, while simultaneously providing for the needs of multimedia users. Hytera PNC550 runs on Android 8.1 operating system, has a 5-inch multi-touch screen, a high definition camera, and a 2 Watt high fidelity speaker.

Features & Functions

Near field communication technology
5 inch touchscreen display
Qualcomm 1.8GHz processor
Unified management platform
Push to talk functionality


What are the key features of the Hytera PNC550?

The PNC550 features a large touchscreen display, runs on the Android operating system, and supports various communication options such as voice calls, video calls, text messaging, and multimedia sharing. It also offers GPS tracking, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a wide range of applications through the Google Play Store.

What storage options are available?

The base model offers 3GB of RAM alongside 32GB ROM storage, expandable to 64GB with a Micro SD card.

Does the Hytera PNC550 support encryption for secure communication?

This device supports advanced encryption algorithms to ensure secure communication. It offers encryption options for voice calls, text messages, and other forms of communication, providing an added layer of privacy and security.

Is the Hytera PNC550 compatible with other PoC systems or networks?

The PNC550 is designed to be interoperable and can connect with various PoC systems and networks. However, compatibility may depend on specific configurations and the supported protocols of the systems being used. It’s recommended to check compatibility with the intended PoC system or network.

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