Hytera E Pack Digital Wireless Ad-Hoc Repeater

DMR Tier II technology is the foundation of the E-pack 100, a simplex voice communications system that offers fast and flexible networking for temporary communications. As a radio, the E-pack enables you to make and receive phone calls or create wireless ad hoc networks of up to 32 repeaters all on one frequency, greatly increasing spectrum efficiency.

Features & Functions

Ad-hoc Mobile Wireless Networking

GSM Link

Fast network


What is a radio repeater?

It is a device that combines a radio receiver and a radio transmitter to amplify a two-way radio signal over longer distances.

Does this repeater work with other devices?

The Hytera E Pack Digital Wireless Ad-Hoc Repeater device extends the range of transmitting and receiving radio waves for all devices within range.

Can I speak to someone about making a purchase?

We offer devices for purchase directly on our site or if you’d like to speak with an expert, please click here.

What are the channel frequencies I can use?

For devices, UHF frequencies range from 300 MHz to 3000MHz, while very high frequencies for two-way radios range from 30 MHz to 300 MHz. Licence-free radios operate on UHF frequencies of 446MHz.

Can this device be used with analogue radios?

Almost all of the devices manufactured today are digital, which can communicate with analogue radios if they have an analogue mode, as this device does.

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