Two Way Radio Accessories: Make The Most Of Your Walkie Talkie

Two Way Radio Accessories: Make The Most Of Your Walkie Talkie

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Two Way Radio Accessories: Make The Most Of Your Walkie TalkieTwo-way radios are fundamental to the blue light services because they enable operatives to stay connected with headquarters and allows them to coordinate with other operatives in the field. Walkie talkies have been used in many different capacities, but at Wall to Wall Communications we have been serving the private security industry for over 40 years. We are experts at everything to do with radio communications and we want to make sure you get the most out of your walkie talkies. As a business, you might rely heavily on your two-way radio system but aren’t getting the most out of them. We believe that you should invest in two-way radio accessories that will make the most out of your radio systems. If you want to know everything there needs to know about your two-way radio, you can get in touch with us today.


Earpieces & Audio Adapters

When it comes to two-way radio accessories, earpieces and audio adapters are essential accessories if you are working in the security industry. Earpieces enable you to receive hands-free messages, which is important if you are in the field and you are dealing with a member of the public that isn’t cooperating. These devices also allow for discreet communication. So if you are in a difficult situation where it could escalate quickly, our earpieces will allow you to receive messages without drawing too much attention to the operative. With our audio adapters, they work alongside our earpieces to provide optimum sound coverage wherever you are working. Our range includes:

  • D-Type
  • G-Type
  • Acoustic
  • Converters


Headsets allow for clear two-way communication between operator headquarters. These headsets offer reliable service and are robust in design. However, their bulky designs are more ideally suited for management or people behind desks because they aren’t made to be used on the go. They are visibly distinct as well, so operators would be noticed using them. However, they are great if you are in an environment where there is a lot of noise like a concert or construction site, because of their noise-cancelling capabilities. At Wall to Wall Communications, we offer a variety of headsets that include:

  • Single-sided
  • Heavy duty
  • Noise-cancelling


If you are in the business of managing crowds, these are the devices for you. These have been traditionally used by the blue light services for years and they are usually connected to analogue radio systems to send and receive messages. They are very robust and rarely fail. However, microphones are limited to an analogue system but can receive messages with crystal clear clarity. We also do megaphones which are effective in managing large crowds and ensuring safety. We stock a range of:

  • Fist microphones
  • Speaker microphones
  • Megaphones

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