Multi-Mode Radios: Everything You Need to Know


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Multi-mode radios are an essential piece of kit for many people who work in industries wheremulti-mode-radio communication is vital, such as security, blue light services and construction. Multi-mode radios have come a long way since they were invented in 1937 by Donald Hings, a UK born Canadian inventor. Walkie Talkies were extensively used throughout WW2 and had a vital role in field operations on both sides. Since their use in WW2, walkie talkies have been adopted by the general public and serve a vital role in many public services. Walkie talkies help operators to keep the public safe, but they are restricted by their limited features which mostly involve voice messaging. However, multi-mode radios are more than just a device to talk to your colleagues. Multi-mode radios offer operators better connectivity with their colleagues and allow employers to gather real-time information on their employees. With all this advancement in technology, you might be having difficulty in deciding what device is right for your business. If you need advice, please contact us today.

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The Features Of Multi-Mode Radios

Multi-mode radios use the most advanced technology to help businesses to maintain a constant line of communication in any location and environment. The digital two-way radios include settings that give employees access to real-time information, which they can later use to analyse performance and to improve processes. At Wall to Wall Communications, we supply a range of Hytera multi-mode radios with a range of features that include:

  • Reliable mission-critical voice commands
  • Tracking and recording of radio operators
  • Advanced smartphone operation
  • Multimedia gathering via instant messenger
  • WI-FI enabled
  • Works with GPS, BDS, Galileo, GLONASS and QZSS
  • Narrowband and broadband capabilities
  • HD video
  • Push-to-talk function
  • One-hand operation
  • Glove operated
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof
  • Drop and shock tested

How Can Multi-Mode Radios Benefit Your Business?

Multi-mode radio systems incorporate modern technology, which will benefit your business by improving processes that previously had to be completed manually. If you are used to analogue or even digital, but with only voice command these radios will improve the speed at which you can keep track of your radio operators. Not only can you track your employees through GPS, BDS, Galileo, GLONASS and QZSS, but you will have access to user data to help you make informed business decisions. Multi-mode radios utilise WI-FI connectivity and the latest broadband technology to ensure that connection is never lost in the field. If voice messaging can’t be achieved, Hyterra radio systems feature instant messaging to enable radio operators to send messages whatever the situation may be. The two-way digital radio systems include HD video capture, which will give you perfect results each time.

At Wall, to Wall Communications we have been providing two-way radio rental in the UK for over 40 years. Because of this, we like to think of ourselves as ‘radio experts’. If you and your business are thinking about hiring walkie talkies to enhance the levels of communication between workers, then do not hesitate to contact us to speak to one of our experts. 

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