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Advantages and Disadvantages of Two Way Radios

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When weighing up whether two way radio communication can benefit your business, it is important to know all of the advantages and disadvantages they can bring. With the alternative of two way radios being mobile signals, knowing the differences between the two and their pros and cons is vital in making an informed decision.


Advantages of two way radio communication








  • Two way radio communications can be tailored to your individual needs to meet the demands of the industry you are working in. Whether you are working in Construction, Events, Security, Hospitality Leisure, Auction Houses, Transportation, Retailers, Film Production, Banks or Hospitals, there is a radio that will be the perfect fit. At Wall to Wall Communications we offer a full consultation prior to your radio hire to ensure you are receiving a radio that will enhance every aspect of your business and is tailored to you. This will guarantee that you are only paying for what you absolutely need. This is one of the best advantages of two way radio communication.
  • Two way radios are easily available, in bulk and at a short notice. Wall to Wall Communications provides two way radio that can be dispatched the very same day. Whether your business is small or large.
  • Two way radios can be used in areas where mobile signals cannot reach. If your business is located in a built up area, underground or in a rural location, relying on a mobile signal can result in an inconsistent connection and unreliable communication. Additionally, if your business involves large crowds of people, the mobile signal can become strained with all the users which can inhibit the safety and efficiency of your event. The advantage of a two way radio connection is its reliable connection that can remain strong, even underground with the help of a leaky feeder.
  • Two way radios can be installed with users having an order of priority. A large number of radios can be programmed to communicate in groups to increase efficiency and minimise confusion. Two way radios can also be programmed with an order of priority which allows certain users to override the communications. This is an advantage of two way radios in emergency situations and when management needs to communicate with every user simultaneously and uninterrupted. 


Disadvantages of two way radio communication

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  • A disadvantage of two way radios is that when Increasing the height of the base station antenna, the chance of incoming interference increases. However, a base station antenna can be directed only towards the area where the signal is required.
  • A disadvantage of two way radios, is that in some areas they have to share a channel with several other users. Particularly in dense urban areas, radio channels can become congested with multiple users and exclusivity can become difficult to obtain. However at Wall to Wall Communications we can obtain an Ofcom license which can minimise interference between surrounding license systems.
  • A disadvantages of two way radio communications is that the connection between two way radios across multiple sites can become disrupted. This is a possibility, particularly if they are far apart and the large area network (LAN) connection is lost.


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