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Violence, vandalism, arson, shop-lifting, fraud, drunkenness, trespassing and general anti-sociable behaviour may be managed using a Radio-Controlled Watch scheme.

We collaborate with local councils and police stations to combat crime, whilst increasing personal safetyand confidence amongst many retailers and their customers.  

Wall to Wall Radio Communications can help you to design the optimum radio system for your scheme, whether a large scheme or a small scheme, and then supply, install, commission and maintain it. 
We also offer a radio hire service to customers who require a short-term radio system or perhaps additional radio equipment on a temporary basis.

How does the  Shopwatch / Townwatch scheme work?

  • Shop assistants, store detectives, and general security staff can carry two-way radios
  • Smaller stores can have a two-way radio kept behind the counter
  • Any messages sent from a two-way radio are heard by everyone on the network, usually via a central controller or a repeater radio station
  • Each two-way radio user can have a caller ID, so the controller knows who is transmitting and will therefore know their general operating area
  • If a walkie-talkie is stolen it can be stunned (disabled) remotely so the radio will be un-usable (it can also be re-enabled when it is recovered)
  • Shopping centre security staff and / or the Police can monitor the two-way radio network at all times and respond accordingly

Types of watch schemes 

Pub Watch (Pubwatch, Barwatch, Clubwatch) schemes assist with making licensed premises safe places to socialise. Pubs, bars and clubs are linked via a radio system (typically using a single radio channel), thus potential problems can be communicated immediately between them and controlled before becoming a risk to customers and / or bystanders. An example of these schemes could be that a group or individual causing trouble in one establishment which the staff can then advise other premises in the vicinity of a problem.

Shop Watch (Shopwatch) schemes may include shopping centres and local high street shops. These schemes unite local retailers and security staff with the use of a two-way radio system (typically using a single radio channel), e.g. by informing members in the area of potential offender’s descriptions and movements; thereby reducing the risk of crime and increasing security staff confidence managing altercations. 

Town Watch (Townwatch) schemes look at the community more as a whole and may include all local Watch schemes and other security initiatives within its area. It can be linked to a CCTV network with the complexity of these schemes requiring a multi-channel repeater radio system. Ultimately, as with the other schemes above, the police may monitor the scheme and respond when required.

Our recommended radios for the watch scheme

We at Wall to Wall Communications recommend the radios below for any watch scheme - pub watch (pubwatch), shop watch (shopwatch), town watch (townwatch), etc.

Find out which suits best your specific site requirements - or 020 8770 1007 

            Hytera PD785     Hytera PD505   Icom IC-F4002  Icom IC F61  Motorola DP3600

shop town pub watch radios

Shopwatch community

We have set up shopwatch community pages on Facebook and Linkedin. Please click the links below to check them out. 

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