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Seven Reasons why you should hire two-way radio equipment for your next event

two way radio events

With Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year's Eve around the corner, it's fair to say that event planning season is officially upon us.  We explain within this blog post seven of the main reasons why you should hire your two-way radio equipment for your next event.

1. You can use the latest technology in a more affordable way with less commitment

Hiring these radios as short term hire means that you get the latest technology for a more affordable price with much less commitment than if you were going to purchase them. Sometimes it is worth hiring them first and seeing if they suit your needs before committing to purchase. 

2. Cost-effective

If you only need two-way radios a couple of times a year for your events or you need extra two-way radios for a abnormally busy event with complex operations then two-way radio hire is the most cost-effective method of coping with this.  Purchasing excess radios that aren’t being used for long periods of time aren’t efficient use of resources.  Hiring two-way radios is a great solution to this.

3. Promotes Flexibility

Two-way radio hire promotes more flexibility for events than purchasing two-way radios.  Two-way radios can be hired last minute on an adhoc basis for when you require them.  Event busyness can’t always be predicted, so having flexible equipment can prove to be a bonus for events. 

4. Helps operations run smoothly

Organising, coordinating and planning an event to a tight schedule means that a sufficient network of communication needs to be in place in order to ensure that the event runs smoothly.  Due to the many capabilities, functions and benefits of two-way radios, this ensures it.

5. Instant communication with everyone in the loop – no call waiting

Two way radios are time-savers and can greatly reduce the amount of time wasted trying to call around everyone individually.  All you have to do is hit the PTT (Push To Talk) and you can talk to everyone using that network at the same time. Unless you are private calling someone using your two-way radio, everyone on the channel can hear all conversations.  This means, everyone knows what is going on and therefore communication is enhanced.

6. Noise cancelling

Some two-way radios are naturally noise cancelling (certain digital two-way models only). This is through the use of codecs and other techniques.  So staff working at a noisy event can have clearer transmissions with each other than with mobile phones. 

7. Enhances coverage to places there is not

Event locations can vary and sometimes they may be held in a wide open space or at basement level of a venue.  Therefore coverage may not stretch to these places with mobile phones alone.  That’s where two-way radios or hiring a repeater to boost coverage come to the rescue in those situations.  

If you would like to speak to a member of our friendly team about your two-way radio requirements then please contact us.


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