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Six capabilities of two-way radios that may surprise you

two way radio capabilities

As technology is advancing, it has become apparent that two-way radios are not just for voice communication.  Two-way radios now-days have a wide range of functionalities.  This blog post is to enlighten you with a couple of capabilities of two-way radios that may in fact surprise you.  The aim is to make you think differently about two-way radios as a simple communication device, and more of a gateway to many different possibilities.

1. Guard Tour Patrol Tracking

This is a capability that has been developed over time.  In recent months we have seen the launch of the Hytera PD415, a two-way radio that specialises in guard tour patrol management. 

The Hytera PD415 contains an integrated RFID reader which means the radio is capable of reading the information of a RFID tag and automatically transmits to the primary controller. These RFID and data auto transmission feature enables PD415 to support Hytera Patrol System, which is a real-time tour guard solution.

2. Link to fire alarm panels

Due to new DMR integration solution technology, the two-way radio is now capable of being connected to fire alarm panels.  Two-way radios can be connected in such a way that when the fire alarm is triggered, the two-way radio user can receive information about the location and severity of the emergency.  This can save money and unnecessary disruption to buildings due to fire evacuations.

3. Telephone interconnect

It is now possible to connect your telephones to your two-way radios.  Telephone interconnect is achieved through connecting your radio base repeater station to your telephone network.  This solution enhances the value of your two-way radio system by expanding your communication network and coverage to those who don’t have a two-way radio.  For example, office workers who wish to connect with field workers.

4. E-mail

Some radios can now send and receive e-mails to each other via an e-mail gateway solution.  This widens the communication capabilities of your team to those who are without two-way radios.

5. Telemetry

Telemetry is a really cool and handy function to have on your two-way radios.  Telemetry technology enables your two-way radio to become a remote control of other devices such as; opening gates, enabling sprinklers and production lines

6. Temperature Sensors

Two-way radios can be connected up to temperature sensors and receive information about the temperature of an environment.  This is especially useful for members of staff who work with explosives or in a factory environment or a green house where temperature needs to be regulated.

In a nut shell, as long as you have the right integrated solutions then you could potentially do anything with two-way radios to suit your requirements.  We hope that we have enlightened you with this blog post. Please call us on 0208 770 1007 for a free consultancy about your specific two-way radio requirements.


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